I think it’s ridiculous that we too often have to holler in order to be heard. I felt I had to voice my opinions through fiction, poetry, essays and blogging. Each post is a reflection of my thoughts within that moment in time. The same issue may be addressed again in another essay but from a different perspective. Expressing one’s personal view on a given subject is in large part about the emotion behind it, the rhythm of honesty spitting its message out; the depth often staggering, even a little frightening when we find ourselves identifying with this core message. The random eccentric structure from the first person viewpoint immediately establishes an intimacy not found in other forms of literature. Here we can delve humorously, wisely, philosophically, and seriously into various issues.

If you’re expecting every post to begin and end inside a neat little package well that might happen. They each have their own flavor. In my studies I found most essays excessively long and boring. In here, like most of my writing, I phrase it the way I want it to be said. The point may appear to take a trip around the galaxy and get lost in another solar system, but I assure you, the message is there. My comments are directed at what matters most to me and maybe a few other people out there. I would be interested in hearing your comments.Now Appearing


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