Creating A Short Story

Welcome To The Making of … A Short Story


With the need to escape my own world I started this online soap that will run between 3k -8k words. Episode 1 was written, proofed and posted in 40 minutes. It took that long because I was cooking a hamburger and didn’t want to burn the onions again.

Episode 2 took two hours then posted. I take my time on each episode with a general idea of what I’m going to say next. Since this is a short story episodes will not run like a chapter in a book so of course it shouldn’t take long to finish it. For whatever reason this form of creating a rough draft works for me as a writer. I’m excited to see what happens next myself.

What will the title be? What genre will it fit into? For aspiring writer’s you can compare this with the full blown, professionally edited version where all the i’s are dotted and T’s crossed upon publication and release. Just like movies, some scenes may get left on the cutting room floor and surprising twists added. I’m not holding myself to any pattern on when the next episode will be posted just check my facebook page where your constructive comments are welcome:

Here We Go… From The Beginning

Episode One

Eleni /Short Story

Goldie Dunbar thought he was above most and had the power to do whatever he please with other peoples lives but what he didn’t know was how low his status really was. Until that day after work when a black hood was placed over his head and shoved into a panel truck. He woke up in a warehouse with one blinding light in his smug face.

“So your the golden boy everyone want… the women and gay men.” The deep throat menacing voice expressed with contempt.

Dunbar was out of his element shaking like a leaf having never experienced anything like this. For the first time in his life he wasn’t in control and couldn’t call the shots or play God with other peoples lives. Any cunning ideas that always worked for him in the past couldn’t come to mind because this was real and unpredictable.

He racked his ego inflated brain on who could be behind this but couldn’t think of anyone smarter than himself capable of it. Except maybe…

Prior to his arrival he’d heard Alta Salinda ran things and didn’t allow anyone to get in her way. Including the beautiful talented, well liked newcomer, Eleni. The evil controlling Alta was somehow convinced Dunbar favored Eleni over her and one night could not hide or control her contempt for the purely innocent Eleni.

In the noon hour a menacing darkness immediately fell over the the entire earth with loud claps of thunder as hell fell from the sky when word of such cruelty fell on heavens ears for such behavior would not be tolerated against the innocent. –To be continued. (copyright 12-21-15)

Short Story Continued…

The role of Eleni will now be played by Aleni.


Goldie Dunbar or GD as he is known as, has been kidnapped by an unknown source. He is convinced the controlling pain in his side Alta Salinda is behind it.

Episode 2

Months before the darkness fell.

Aleni had just returned from picking up her monthly grocery’s. She didn’t own a car and had to walk several blocks with heavy bags to purchase the few items she needed. The minute she stepped in her door the phone was ringing again with Jeray Ersel her neighbor on the other end yet again inviting her to his party that was still months away. Aleni couldn’t understand why these people felt it necessary to repeat themselves so often. Aleni knew she wouldn’t know if she felt up to attending a party until that day. She really had no strong desire to attend any party. She was more than content with her own routine and personal interests that thankfully did not involve the strange aliens thrust upon her from birth.

As a little girl she’d sat in her room crying and despondent when her real mother, unseen by the people here asked her what was wrong, why was she so sad. Little Aleni instinctively knew this was her real mother and never mentioned her to anyone here, wherever here was. It wasn’t until her teen years when she’d fallen in love for the first time did her real father appear with his deep thundering voice frightening Aleni into tears as he clearly disapproved of this young man. Her mother’s soothing voice interjected calming her daughters rattled nerves as it had been years with no communication. While Aleni felt more at ease hearing her mothers gentle voice. Her new boyfriend was freaking out.

Night had fallen and they’d just left Ryads house waiting at the deserted dark bus stop with his arms around her shoulders protecting her from the harsh winter winds. “Who is that? There’s no one else out here how can we hear them so clearly? He’d exclaimed sheer panic in his voice. This was the first time and deliberately Aleni suspected, someone other than herself heard what she heard. She was happy and concerned at the same time.

“Step away from her!” The male thundering voice commanded causing Ryad to immediately jump away from her frightened beyond belief. Aleni felt the absence of his warm embrace and instinctively backed up against him with her arms spread wide.

“Leave him alone! We love each other” She shouted angrily surprising herself.

Aleni could hear her mother weeping. “But your both too young.”

“What is she doing there in the first place? How did this happen?” Her father’s voice sounded more distant and less menacing as silence fell over the couple. Aleni knew this was too much for Ryad to handle and believe she convinced him it was a couple down the street but he wasn’t buying it because they both responded the way they did. It was always unsettling for her during and after. But some years later after high school Ryad mysteriously disappeared and never seen again.

Now many years later Aleni was surprised she remembered this with so much clarity. But it was always a faint reminder to never get that close to anyone again or allow anyone to fall in love with her. That proved to be a difficult task over the years as her haters who chose to fixate on her too much would soon experience a distracting turn of events turning their lives upside down. Aleni silently thanked her real parents in times like this. But cried bitter tears when a rare unspoken mutual love came along. Aleni just hoped GD didn’t get the wrong impression from her. She so far have been nothing but professional in her dealings with him. Time would tell she thought looking out her window at the bright sunshine. – To be continued. (copyright 1-1-16)


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