Spotlight On Author Sherrie Lynn

books posterSherrie Lynn is the author of six books. Novels Backstage Pass, The Jade Sheldon Story and the coming-of-age interracial romance A Forward Motion.  Inside A Writer’s Life. Essay collection I’ll Holler At You. How-to, An Author’s View On Writing and self-help, An Author’s View On Happiness. Though all of Lynn’s books are different they share the same goal to harmonize humanity.

The road to writing six books wasn’t an easy one for author Sherrie Lynn. Born December 20th

While swimming in the pool of seemingly great business opportunities a writing career was blossoming when her first poem titled, The Ivory Key is published in 1992 with Over The Rainbow Volume II, Poetry Magic Publications. Poems like Quiet! in Cherished Poems of the Western World, Remember Me in Distinguished Poets of America, and Momentum in Whispers II to name a few. In later years a themed poetry collection was put together in chapbook form and never officially released but definitely a future project along with many other ideas says Lynn. In 1997 her first short story titled ‘Last Stop!’ was published in The Story Teller. In 2000 her short story, ‘These People’ won a writing competition sponsored by Write Now magazine (Jan/Feb issue) In 1996 Lynn’s essay, ‘So Let It Be Written’ garnered an honorable mention in Iliad Literary Awards.

Such early writings pay only by lines which prompt Lynn to take on a full-length novel as far back as 1988. But that manuscript would be shelved for several years.  Backstage Pass, The Jade Sheldon Story. Lynn looked around within her own life for inspiration and considered her incredible luck to have met and maintained an association with a member of a world renowned band she refer to as Universal Madness. Kiss and tell is hardly the case as this is more fiction then true story but inspired by actual events. A uniquely told story about a single woman’s struggle to survive after being teased with a taste of the rich and famous lifestyle. This story also delve into the all-consuming futility of an aspiring writer. Something Lynn says she can certainly identify with. Jade Sheldon’s skewed 1st person account take the reader one step further by illustrating the complexities of the mind and the struggle to cipher through all that come at us on a daily basis. The Jade Sheldon story is more than just a backstage pass into the music world.

In 2000 the author chose to take a novel writing course with Writer’s Digest School to help revamp that old 1988 manuscript. Yet again the revision process cooled and the authors opinions heated up resulting in, I’ll Holler At You! Personal Essays With An Edge. (Booksurge January 2003) Here Lynn is giving humanity the scolding she feels we deserve with a collection that bitingly express everyday frustrations many of us can identify with. The empowering theme of the essay collection put the final needed stamp on the pending manuscript and the novel A Forward Motion was born. (Imprintbooks February 2008) Formatted like a DVD complete with a trailer, documentary, deleted scenes and website listed soundtrack, Lynn dive head first into industry taboos with this mainstream coming-of-age interracial romance set in the 70’s. The author wanted a story that reflect her own experiences growing up on the Westside of Chicago in the 1970’s including screaming over the Jackson Five. This story also touch on her former sharecropper parents who migrated from the south in the second wave of the historical Great Migration. Inspired by actual events, A Forward Motion is more than just a romance.

My Grandfather’s House, Inside A Writer’s Life start with Lynn moving from a noisy, overpriced lakefront hi-rise to an inner city basement apartment so she can pursue a writing career. Although her Dad inherited the barely affordable distressed property over 20 years ago, she will always think of it as her Grandfather’s House. A nine-year journey of a published author.

After doing a Book Expo America book signing, a reading and later coordinator/chairperson for the International Writer’s Union seminar, the author was engulfed with various questions on writing and could see her next book formulating. An Author’s View On Writing. (Imprintbooks, April 2011) In Q & A form this book address the most frequently asked questions on writing.

Too often subjected to miserably unhappy people this next book was a necessity. An Author’s View On Happiness. (Imprintbooks, August 2014) This book explore numerous ways to realistically increase our happiness. The author explicitly constructed this book to invigorate its readers. Since the financial return from all her endeavors is yet to be seen and feel her books represent the children she never had, Lynn is diligently pushing to get one of them contracted for a major Motion Picture.

In the mean time the author is having fun fully consumed with her next project. She is especially appreciative to the limited few who took the time to help her reach her goals. The aging single author is especially proud to see her own designs on the cover of her books. As a product of equal opportunity and the use of advanced technology, Lynn has accomplished more than she ever dreamed possible. Her future history will determine if she’s standing still, traveling in circles or moving in a forward motion.









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