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I had been meaning to  start a blog here just getting around to it.  I will be moving old blogs in during the months to come but the following will be my first on this site.  Enjoy the Ride!

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by Sherrie Lynn

Binging on Star Trek Voyager lately brought logic and precision back to my life. I had forgotten what that’s like. The writing is excellent and thought-provoking. A crew just trying to get home encounter one disaster after another along with one new alien after another. Some become new friends while others become seriously dangerous enemies. Like species 8472 left a lasting impression. Even the Borg was intimidated by them. Kess a gentle soul, short-lived species reminded me of myself.  I work like Seven of Nine with little desire to regenerate.  But through it all Captain Janeway find a way to prevail, even up to the last second. They are determined to accomplish their goal and get back home. When I come off that ship and back into the real world I’m ready for this existence we call 2015.

I recall a friend who would go on and on expressing her unfavorable opinion about our other friends. I finally said to her… if you really feel that way, why do you keep going around them? She said, “Well how else will they learn?” For years I didn’t get that thinking what a snob and incredible superiority complex. That still may be true but then in recent years it hit me. Considering the different community’s in a big city and the lack of social etiquette in most I saw how different the social norm shape who we are and how we interact with people. We are alien to each others expectations as far as social etiquette go. But if we never landed on their planet how would we learn their ways. That’s not to say we agree or accept alien ways but we can learn to respect them as long as we’re in their orbit. Another good example was a neighbor informing the new tenant, “Oh we don’t bother with grass because the kids run around and play here.” The new tenant replied, “Well where I come from we kept a beautiful green lawn and the kids learned to live with it.” Shortly after the neighbor moved out.

Their was this young man from a world completely different from my own. Widely different age group, taste in music and life experience. He approached me for the first time and claim to want me so bad. Oh how he want to kiss me, yes rub my toes. He said all the things he figure a girl want to hear. What he didn’t know was he was talking to a woman who could see right through him. A woman who could smell the alcohol on his breath and see his intoxicated posture.

This person around 30 years of age hadn’t yet learned that an intelligent woman, a morally grounded woman would see him as a joke and in no way take him seriously. The only female that would will be someone just like him, the type of person he was presenting himself as. A drunk, a self involved, less evolved opportunist. That or someone with very low self-esteem thinking she didn’t deserve better. People who haven’t learned what better is.

We laugh at bleach-able moments but we should focus on teachable moments. Our attention span is at its lowest so one word, one sentence is all we will hear and maybe remember. Make it good. Keep it positive, keep it real. I say that here but my initial reaction was how dare he approach me this way. He must think I’m Boo-boo the fool. I wanted to curse him out, put my foot up his sorry … call the police (truly not a good idea) and a host of non productive thinking. Some people are good at keeping us all stuck on stupid but it’s time for humanity to grow up.

More than anything else I was angry with myself for allowing it at all. Some of us are good at dismissing undesirable people, like crossing the street or running when you see one coming a block away. But I’m naturally curious about other personality types and how they became who they are. What is their foundation, who are they listening to? We all have a lot coming at us from the minute we wake up in the morning and have to choose who or what we’re listening to everyday. Before we can teach others we have to learn how to learn.

First, open hailing frequency. Turn on the universal translator. Get permission to land or Beam Down. You don’t just knock on people’s door uninvited. You don’t swim in their kool aide infecting their existence, destroying their peace of mind. One thing I know for sure is that I cannot be there for everyone who want or think they need me. If you don’t understand a certain word… get a dictionary. If you can’t afford to go to college or have trouble understanding anything, the public library is FREE take advantage of it.

I wrote this for all the extroverts that just have to be out there seen and heard and a message to leave the introverts alone. We who are for the most part minding our own business living a positive productive life and don’t want to be bothered with all the drama and crap in the world today. I can just see the threads on this already… “Oh she just trying to sell her book.” Guess what, you Damn right!  What I want to say and what you need to hear, out weigh any amount of book sales. And just in case you don’t actually read it, consider this First Contact my one word, my one sentence for your short attention span.


Share Peace & Joy


The author explicitly constructed this book to invigorate its readers.

– Wow! This ground breaking guide is a charmer, … Once you have been enlightened by the alarming truths compacted in each page of this book your life will be more than what it is today. – Jackie

Book Excerpts…

So why would we want to develop our intuition? Intuition promotes good communication. It makes you more sensitive to the people around you; it often keeps you from hurting those you love because you are intuitive enough to understand them.

Those who share optimism are generally accepted while those who spread gloom, panic and hysteria are treated unfavorably. Something this simple could be the key to your unhappiness.

Remember that day you were full of yourself and too condescending or obnoxiously rude. Weeks, month’s years later comes evaluation time. Who gets promoted, who is downsized and who gets fired? We create our own problems without any help from someone else.

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